Thursday, August 05, 2004

No-find log by travisl for CWB (Traditional Cache)

No-find log by travisl for CWB (Traditional Cache):

travisl couldn't find CWB (Traditional Cache)

My company's envelope vendor takes us on a lake or harbor cruise every SeaFair, and this year's was today, leaving from a dock just east of this cache. I had about half an hour to look before the boat left, so decided to hunt this one.

The boats are really neat, including some of them undergoing some extensive work. I had trouble finding the Sharpie, but talked to the cute girl behind the counter, who showed me where it had moved to.

Neat area. Thanks a bunch for getting me out here.

Finding the cache, on the other hand, was something I decided not to put a lot of effort into. I glanced around for a few minutes, checked a couple obvious spots, but really Didn't Bother Looking (DBL), because the area was strewn with trash and spider webs, smelled strongly of creosote, and I wasn't really dressed for a dirty hunt.

Thanks for the hunt!

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