Monday, February 28, 2005

Wow: Slow playing can work

While waiting for funds to transfer around between Neteller and Bodog last night (Bodog does not impress me, by the way), I played a play-money tournament at EmpirePoker (a PartyPoker sister site). I decided that I'd play a little more agressively than usual, which at a play money table will usually backfire, because it's tough to scare people off of fake money. I somehow end up winning the thing. The coolest hand: I'm dealt 44 in middle position, and the flop comes KJ4 with five players in. Mind you, I'm probably the worst slow-play guy in the world, but I decide (god knows why) to try it with my set of 4's. The blinds check to me, I check, the guy to my left checks, and the button bets.

The small blind drops out, the big blind calls. Do I check-raise here? Maybe I should have, but I want to disguise my hand to come back big on the turn. I call.

The guy to my left drops out, the button calls, and the turn comes out a 6. Big blind checks (he's probably got middle pair), I check (with the intent of check raising), and the button bets. Big blind calls, I raise. Button pauses -- he's gotta be thinking "how in the hell did the 6 help him?", then calls. Big blind drops out.

The river comes out with a 2. I bet, button raises, I re-raise, button calls and shows AK. My set of 4's beats his pair of kings. Very nice.

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