Friday, January 12, 2007

Another Stud Hi/Lo hand: how lo can you go?

This hand features many of the same characters, as it took place only about five minutes after the hand I posted earlier this morning.

Eight of us post the nickel ante, and I'm dealt A 2 7. There's six stoppers showing -- one of the eight of us has a 9 for the highest card on the table. My 72A is usually pretty good, but there's going to be a lot of people drawing to the low, and a lot of low cards are already gone.

Toffee74 brings in for 25¢ with his 3, and he gets four callers. I raise to 50¢, and Cardrush (to my left) folds. Toffee74 re-raises to 75¢ (hey! don't scare away the fish!), and five of us call, including me.

It's all non-pairing high cards on fourth street, except damajha, who is showing a 65 (another blocker). It's checked to Toffee74, who bets 50¢. Everybody calls, and six players go to fifth street.

I get a 3, giving me J732A. There's a nice low on its way, folks. Only two players have lower possibles: damajaha showing 965, and Toffee74 showing 963. It's checked to me, I bet $1, and Toffee74 raises to $2. One more caller, damajaha and two others fold, and I call.

4. Monster. 7432A. It's checked to me, and Toffee74 and I cap it, trapping poor Galster64 in the middle, calling away.

The river gets me another ace, for [A 2] 7 J 3 4 [A], my monster low and AAJ74 for a weak high.

Galster64 checks, I bet, Toffee74 raises, Galster folds, and we cap it off. He shows [7 5] 3 9 6 J [8] for a jack-high flush, but his low is only 87653, so we split the pot.

*** SHOW DOWN ***
toffee74: shows [7d 5d 3d 9d 6s Jd 8c] (HI: a flush, Jack high; LO: 8,7,6,5,3)
LauricT: shows [As 2c 7c Jh 3h 4d Ad] (HI: a pair of Aces; LO: 7,4,3,2,A)
toffee74 collected $17.45 from pot
LauricT collected $17.45 from pot

$34.90 in the pot in a 50¢/$1 game. Amazing.

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