Friday, January 18, 2008

Fourth best night ever

Back in the summer of 2006, the heyday of bonus hunting, before the UIGEA scared off all the online casinos from taking US players, I had some good winning days:

  • $900 from Vegas Strip Casino (it took 15 days after wagering was complete to get the money in Neteller)
  • $790 from Prism (which took five weeks to extract from their accounting department, and they've spammed me incessantly ever since)
  • $610 from Silver Sands Casino (which showed up a couple days later)
But since the UIGEA, it's been slim pickings out there. This week, though, I played the Wednesday bonus at PlayersOnly, and netted +$504. This is better than the $400 I made from the same casino last November.

Now that's a good start for the year. They limit me to one withdrawal a month, and I did one January 2, so I'll need to wait a couple of weeks before I get cash in hand. I hope they stay in business that long.

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