Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yakima Cache Machine II is Saturday

I'm looking forward to the Yakima Cache Machine II event more than any cache machine in a long time. Maybe it's because the first YCM five years ago was my favorite of the 15 I've organized. Maybe it's because the drive through the Yakima River canyon is, IMHO, the most fun drive in the state -- even better than 101 along Hood Canal, or the Olympic Peninsula loop. Maybe it's because I'm the navigator for a carload of cachers (dsvaughn, GeekGirl, and hydnsek) who are gonna be a barrel of fun. We're even gonna meet up on Friday before the event for a 3-mile, 12-cache hike through Cowiche Canyon.

I'm giddy.

(And yes, Yakima has poker rooms. Maybe it'll cover my hotel room costs.)

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Norm said...

I caught your post from a Google search for geocaching. The Yakima Cache Machine sounds like a cool event. I like the phrase, "almost micro free". Too bad the trip from Minnesota is a bit far for an event cache - micro free or not.

If interested, we are on Blogger too. Stop by our geocaching blog and say hi. We are always interested in meeting new friends online.

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