Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bad poker night

Sitting down at Palace's $3/$6 table last night, I had high hopes. The guy to my right, who had claimed to have turned $60 into the $600 in front of him, was playing the sheriff, paying to see people's cards at the end, because he had the money to burn. Two seats to my left, Sam was having an amazing run of luck, playing any two cards from any position, frequently raising pre-flop with small off-suit non-connectors, and rivering frequently enough to be ahead.

It didn't work out too well. I as down my first $100 in the first 90 minutes, mostly because two hands in a row, I lost to Sam's J5. One hand I had KQ, the board was K55/9/3; the next I had AJ and the board was J93/6/5.

I bought in for another $100, and after whittling away about $30 of it in blinds and limps, finally hit my first win with AA, then my very next hand with KK. The pots were decent sized, and I didn't have to show my hand to win, which surprised me, since most pots were going to the river with three players. Clearly, I had a tight image, they knew when I raised on the turn and river that I wasn't bluffing. About half an hour later I tried to do the same with middle pair/weak kicker, and this time, two people called me down. Bah.

Around 12:30 a.m., I won a good sized pot with trip kings, bringing my stack to $145 (down $55), but over the next hour, that stack got whittled down to $20. The coup de grace was a four-way pot, where I held 6 6, and the board was 4 5 7 / K / 6. Pot odds wouldn't let me get away, raising went crazy, and the winning hand was K 3. Sam, incidentally, had queen high. Down $180 for the night. Bah.


Trestin said...

Ouch. Must've been pretty good pot odds to call after the flop though... I only count 6 outs (the non-club 3s and 8s). The other sixes likely make straights for other people. 6 outs = ~ 12% = 8.5 to 1 on your money to call. Were they that good?

travisl said...

Yeah, I was two off the button, and when it came to me to call $3 after the flop, the pot probably had $36 in it from pre-flop play (6 players, one preflop raise), and another $9 in it from after the flop. $3 to win $45 at that point. On top of that, knowing the hands people had been playing, I knew there as a better-than-50% chance that nobody had hit a flush draw, so the 3♣ and 8♣ still counted as a little less than half an out each. Then the raising really got underway.