Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Avoid ProMax Supply (a.k.a. Crazy Dave's Toolshed)

On December 15, I ordered a birdhouse from Crazy Dave's Toolshed ("CrazyDavesToolShed"), via Amazon merchants. The delivery estimate was Dec 19-24.

They shipped via FedEx ground on Dec 22 with delivery expected December 31. Due to snow, it arrived on Jan 3. The four day weather delay is excusable. The 7-day delay in shipping it is not.

I e-mailed them in late December, asking for reimbursement of shipping costs. I never heard back.

January 5, I left them a 1-star review on Amazon: "Ordered December 15, delivery estimate was Dec 19-24. They shipped ground on Dec 22 with delivery on Jan 3. How can they expect to deliver to the opposite coast within deadline when they wait a week to ship? E-mailed them asking for shipping reimbursement. Never heard back from them. AVOID!"

Today, January 20, I received a phone call from them. They walked me through the process of getting the credit, up to the point where she said "next to your feedback, click the word 'remove'."

Um, no.

"Then we can't give you the credit."

Never mind then.

Their feedback rating for the last 30 days is 86% positive, 9% negative. Looks like many others have had similar problems. Just speculating, but the company name now shows as "ProMax Supply", so maybe they changed their name or ownership to distance themselves.

I'm now going through Amazon directly to ask for the shipping credit. We'll see where that leads.

Followup 1/29/09: Amazon reimbursed me the shipping costs. Yay.

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JR Van said...

Well so far ProMax's method of operation is the same. I recently (Nov 1st) ordered an item through Amazon but have not seen hide nor hair of it. I was informed via e-mail that the estimated date of arrival was between Nov 5-10th. I wrote ProMax this morning (16th) hoping to learn the status of my order but have not heard back from them as of yet. Based on this site, I am assuming I should receive the package in two weeks at which time I will be leaving a poor rating for not so ProMax.

Only sorry I had not spotted your post sooner. Live and learn.

jimchoff said...

I am leery of these third party arrangements on Amazon, so should have searched for ProMax Supply before I placed and order.
It looks to be the same story for me: No repsonse to my email on 11/23, asking for a tracking number on a shipment that was supposedly sent on 11/20. Even if it arrives by Dec 2, I will be marking them down for poor customer service.

Anonymous said...

Strangely there's a ProMax Supply os Ebay with 100% though, hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a fireplace log carrier via Amazon on 2/4/10, and am still waiting for delivery today 2/17/10. I have sent 2 emails and left a message at the Pro Max number with no response. I rated them 1, and remain very frustrated since the shipping charge is almost as much as the cost of the item (didn't realize it at the time).
I would like to pursue reimbursement via Amazon, how do I go about it?