Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dave and Busters in Seattle?

Interesting tidbits from this quarter's Focus on Gambling newsletter from the Washington State Gambling Commission:
  • Dave and Busters is asking for changes to amusement game rules. Does this mean the chain's planning on having a restaurant closer than Sacramento?
  • Texas Hold 'Em wagering limits won't increase to $100 until at least May 2012, except for those casinos in a pilot program.
  • The number of "house banked card rooms" (i.e., non-tribal casinos) in the state dropped from a high of 96 in 2006 to 66 this year. This is the largest change -- positive or negative -- since 1999, the year after they became legal.
  • No news about Happy Days, because it's only reporting April, May, and June violations.

1 comment:

Xaneth said...

I wish! D&B is more about arcade fun than gambling though. Should not be at a reservation, it should just be. The great NW isn't all that great when it comes to restaurants and having fun.