Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Poker night, live and virtual

I had eight friends over for Poker night on Saturday. Robb's blog and its responses describe the results fairly completely. Robb lost, I came close to breaking even, and DarthSlumlord walked away with three Jacksons.

Aside: Tres brought his girlfriend Kelly along for the first time. She's quiet (who wouldn't be?), but seems pretty nice.

I've written it here before, but I need to stop getting wedded to hands. It cost me a foolish $12 on Saturday, when I had a pair of aces clearly being beat by DarthSlumlord. He was already the big stack at this point, and my big bets were doing nothing to scare him out. I'm seeing the same thing in my recent online play ($15 buy-in at the 10¢/20¢ tables, up 25% this week), where I'm holding on to my pocket queens far too long when facing AKx on the flop.

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