Friday, April 29, 2005

Quotes, boats, and notes


One of my all-time favorite poker quotes:

Poker is not a card game you play with people. Poker is a people game you play with cards.

This is, I think, why I tend to play so much better when I play one game at a time. Since I bought in last weekend, I've had no losing days, but I've had losing tables. Last night is a good example. I joined two 10¢/20¢ tables at the same time, for the max $5 buy-in on both. I left one table with $10.60. I left the other table with 8¢. This one-good/one-bad seems to happen when I play two tables at a time; when I just play one table, I've almost always ended up ahead.

Why? When I play two tables, and I'm surfing the web between hands, all I have time to do is look at my cards, my position, and the bets on the table. I don't remember that JoeBlow bet through the river with his pocket 3's last hand, and I don't notice that TexPete has no concept of the importance of kickers. When I play one table at a time, I'm more likely to notice these things.


If you read back through this blog's archives, you'll see that my lucky streak ended when Phoenician Casino changed its software and turned off their poker room links. I then played on Empire Poker (linked to Party Poker) and my bankroll went down a bit, inicating to me that it was a good time to quit.

I recently found another site, Tiger Gaming, that's running the same poker software that Phoenican was. It appears to be the same Canadian-heavy population using it, too.


My favorite hand of the week. I'm dealt 66 under the gun. I limp in along with half the table, and the flop comes 776. The blinds bet, I raise, the guy to my left raises, and everyone folds to me. I call. I'm hoping he's got a 7 and thinks its powerful.

The turn is a 5, and we raise each other to the 80¢ max. The river's a K, and again we raise each other to 80¢. I win with my full boat. He shows A7, losing with a set. I felt fortunate that the tables weren't turned here, 'cause I'm not sure I could get out either with a set plus top kicker.

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