Thursday, July 28, 2005

Too many hands

I had some folks over for a 6-handed game of 10¢/25¢ NLH last weekend, and played way too many bad hands. My cousin Jeremy is a loose-agressive player who will see the flop with almost anything, and much of the time will try to scare you out with it. We traded money back and forth a few times, and I was down about $12 due to some overagressive play on my part, when I'm dealt QJ on the button. I bet 75¢ (3 x big blind), he calls, everyone else is out. The flop comes 25Q. He checks, I bet $1.50, he calls. Obviously, he hasn't hit top pair.

The turn is a 4. He bets to put me all in (yes, after checking and calling on pre-flop and on the flop), and I call. He shows Ax (a 6, I think). His only outs are one of the three aces, or a 3 to make the inside straight. The river's an Ace; I'm done for the night, down $20.

Could have been worse, though. My wife got dealt pocket sixes, and the flop comes 69K. She and Trestin are the only ones left in, they both bet big, and the turn is another K. They bet big again, and the river is a rag. Tres puts her all in, she shows her 666KK, and he shows his pocket nines for 999KK. Ouch.

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Bill said...

Maybe I'm glad I missed it...