Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pocket aces net a school of fish

Or, "The insanity of micro-limit poker"

I don't think I can add much to this beyond letting the hand history speak for itself. This is at a 2¢/4¢ table, and the net result was a $1.37 win (24¢ of which I put into the pot).

I'm on the button in an 8-player game. Union is on the small blind. I'm dealt AdAc

power545 calls 2¢
Chuba calls 2¢
gc67 raises to 4¢
TarzanaTan folds
banski calls 4¢
I raise to 6¢
Union calls 6¢ (5¢ + 1¢ small blind)
Big Blind folds
power545 and Chuba call 4¢ more
gc64 caps it at 8¢
Everyone else calls; the pot is 48¢.

The flop comes an irritating 5c9c3s.

Union bets 2¢ from the small blind.
power545 and Chuba call.
gc67 raises to 4¢
banski calls
I'm sensing fish galore, so I slowplay my aces and just call
Union raises to 6¢
power545 and Chuba call.
gc67 caps it at 8¢
Everyone else calls; nobody folds; the pot is now at 96¢.

I'm worried -- somebody has to have a flush draw, or is holding two pair, or is on a straight draw.

The turn is 7h

Union bets 4¢. Everyone calls. Nobody folds.

In meatspace, Darthslumlord, watching over my shoulder, says "I think you're in trouble." I tell him "I think these aces are going to be expensive for me."

The river is 2d. Someone holding the hammer now has two pair.

Everyone's got cold feet. They check around to me on the button. I'm shocked, but bet 4¢ to scare possible stronger hands out. Everyone calls me, except Chuba, who folds.

With six players still in, I win, pair of aces. Union shows a pair of sevens with ten kicker. Nobody else shows. I rake in $1.37 (in a 2¢/4¢ game - holy cow!).

If you're thinking about playing online for real money, but don't want to actually put real money through teh internets, I'd strongly recommend you find an evening that you can stay up until 1 a.m. (pacific time) and sign up for's nightly $200 tournament. Signup begins at 10:00 p.m., and is limited to the first 500 players. Space goes quick; don't expect space to be available at 10:01 p.m. The tournament starts at 11:00 p.m. The top 150 places pay real money. I placed 19th and got $2.00.

Then, play tight with those winnings.

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