Thursday, December 22, 2005

Now that's good smack

Scene: An blog entry about the Maxell "blown away" guy ad making a comeback.

Situation: Commenters are debating about whether the guy in the chair is 80's and 90's goth rocker Peter Murphy.

Commenter Dissent asks, "Uhhh... hey, old people, mind explaining to the non-geriatric generation what the hell youre all talking about? And whats a 'peter murphy'?!"

D3 replies, "I didn't know you could read Engadget on your LeapPad, Dissent."

Instant classic.

1 comment:

tmib said...


Points to the poster for an excellent comeback.

I never knew that Peter Murphy was the dude in the chair. I saw Murphy perform at Convergence IV in Seattle a few years back. Very charismatic guy, and a great live performer.