Friday, February 24, 2006

Second best hand ever = minimal payoff

On Tuesday night, playing four 2¢/4¢ tables at a time, I'm dealt K6o in the big blind. When it gets to me, I check. The flop comes K9K. The small blind checks, I'm in for my 2¢, five others call (SB folds), and the turn comes... the case King. I've hit quads on the turn.

Unfortunately, three of the kings are on the scary looking board, which makes my chances for milking this out of position really slim. If I go in for 4¢, my only hope is that someone with a 9 will play agressively. If I were to try a checkraise, there's a huge chance that it'd check around, and I'd get nothing. I go in for 4¢. The guy to my left calls, and the other four players fold. No big payoff today.

The river's a blank, I go in for 4¢, and the guy to my left calls, showing an ace. Whoopty doo: 18¢ profit on quad kings.

(Incidentally, by best hand ever was a decade or so ago when I drew a 45678 straight flush in a five-card-draw game on a Scout trip. My third best was quad queens last May at the Seminole Hard Rock, at the $1/$2 limit table, which also didn't end up paying out very much.)

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