Friday, February 24, 2006

Wil Wheaton busts out John Juanda at WPT Invitational

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A little bit later, this sweet girl named Marissa moved to our table. I guess she's on the TV show Stacked. She didn't have many chips, and the pros took what little she had by moving against her on the flop, pretty much regardless of their cards. She had never played poker before last night, and though she was in over her head with these guys, she was clearly having fun, and even said that she was just looking for a good hand to bust out on, so she could go out with some dignity.

Allen eventually busted her with 93o vs. her A-little, when he paired his three. She was a really sweet girl, and we were all sad to see her go. Especially when her seat was filled by John Juanda.

Some of you may have read that I busted John. This is true, but it's not as exciting or masterful as you may think. John was crippled when Jason flopped Broadway for the nuts, and John made aces up on the turn. A few hands later, Daniel Negreanu came running over to our table with some guy I didn't recognize, and said to John, "Can you eat ten Saltines in sixty seconds?"

"What?" John said, and everyone else at the table thought.

"Saltine crackers. Can you eat ten of them in sixty seconds?"

John thought for a second while he looked at his cards.

"Yeah, I think I can," he said.

"Okay!" Daniel said, with a little hop. "Juanda is my horse! You get half my action, John."

"Let's do it!" John said, and shoved his last 1000 or so into the pot. It was folded to me, and I figured that the BB and I were calling based strictly on odds and probably checkint it down. That is, until I woke up with pocket aces.

"I have to raise," I said. While I thought about what amount would get the BB to maybe call with something that I could survive, he folded J2o face up.

"Go ahead and play it out," he said. "I'm not playing this."

I flipped up my aces, and John flipped up KQ. I flopped an ace, busted John Juanda, and ended up with about 16K after the whole thing was said and done. John and I shook hands, and the WPT cameras captured the whole thing. Daniel was putting on quite a show for them, calling for cards and stuff, and it was pretty funny, so it stands a good chance of making the broadcast, especially if I make it deep today.

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