Friday, February 16, 2007

Third worst night ever

Wow: one night, down $52.80. That's down $25.45 at 2-7 lowball, down $17.25 at $1/$2 limit, and down $12.85 at the $0.50/$1 limit table. A small Horse win only helped a little. The only worse online poker nights I've got records of was one last April at CDPoker (-$58.25), and the one that started my downhill run last November (-$52.95 at FullTilt). This actually puts me into the negative overall for 2007.

I've printed out some stats from PokerTracker that I'm going to look at tonight, and see what I might be doing differently. At first glance, the only I'm seeing is that I've been playing a little bit more aggressive on the flop but more passive on the turn and river. These differences aren't major, and perhaps not even statistically significant.

Maybe it's not my play, but the fact that the opposition is getting better. Is it time to bail? I've got $99 bucks left at PokerStars, and 973 "Player Points", which I was hoping to run up to 1200 to get a free shirt. Maybe it's time to get out. Maybe not. Another night like this, though, and I'm gonna bail.

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