Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vacation Monday: Breaking even

I felt really good about the poker I played on Monday. At Palace, with 13 players left, I was down to a single $500 chip and a chair with blinds at $500 and $1000. With a lot of luck and good tight play, I ended in fifth place, winning $45 (net +$25). At one point, I was in the big blind and folded KQo to a raise and re-raise -- and I would have lost to AQo. Nice laydown.

After the tourney, I played the $3/$6 game for about 45 minutes, end ended up breaking even there.

At Happy Days, I used my $25 win from Palace for my buy-in, and busted out in 12th place under the gun with K9o, when I held only enough to pay the oncoming blinds. I won $10 with the match play coupons, though, so really, I ended up ahead $10 for the day. +$10, and played poker for almost five hours... that's a fun day.

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