Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Treasure Casino, Renton (plug)

Last October, I collected notes about tournaments across the south Puget Sound area. I received an e-mail last week from the poker room manager of the Treasure Casino in Renton. He'd seen the list (and my postings on the Seattle Area Poker forum) and asked if I'd add their information. I'm not getting a kickback or anything -- he just asked nicely. Sounds like a reasonable request to me. I've never played there, but I did stop in there once at 4:30 in the morning, but the friendly staff advised me that all the other degenerates had gone home or down the road to Silver Dollar.

The poker manager writes:

We have daily $30 total tournamenta twice a day at 12:30 & 6:30 pm, 5000 starting chips, blinds double from 25-50 every 15 minutes. (Except for the 'hiccup' from 200-400 to 300-600, then 500-1000, then back on the double train.)

Our daily tournaments have a prize pool of $400 guaranteed, so if it's just you at tournament time - you get all the money. (I had 3 people show up once...)

Saturday and Sundays we have $60 total buy in tournaments at 12:30, where you start off with 10,000 in chips.

Saturday, March 24th, at 12:30, it's $125 total (110 + 15), 10,000 chips with 20 minute rounds.

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