Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not much poker lately

Nope, not much poker. Last Monday (a week ago), I ended in 14th place, out of the money, in the Palace tourney. It was the wife's spring break week, so after waiting (unsuccessfully) for a $3/$6 seat to open up, I went home to spend the rest of thre day with her instead of at Hqappy Days' noon tourney. This week is the kid's spring break, so we spent Monday out at Hood Canal instead of playing poker. I've got two vacation Mondays left, and a big geocaching trip to Spokane in late April, where I'll hit a few cardrooms between events. And online play? I'm down to my last $20, which will be difficult to supplement if I klose it. I've been hoping to win enough -i to stay out of the hole long enough -- to get enough player points to get a PokerStars shirt. I think it says a lot about my (lack of) confidence in my online game that I haven't considered playing in tourneys that take player points to buy-in.

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