Friday, May 18, 2007

Well I'll be... I'm a loser!

For tournament play, see SharkScope's review of my play: 109 tournaments entered, $84 lost (Pokerstars and FullTilt)

For overall online play, I just created a chart (at right) showing online poker play exclusively (no blackjack, roulette, bonuses... nothing more than pure ring and tournament play), and it looks like I just dropped below zero in mid-March. Surprising to me is the fact that I've never been more than $300 ahead (maxing at $299.80 in November), and I'm at -$47 today.

My live ring game numbers are even more interesting, although there's a lot less information, since I play live games a lot less. Since I started keeping track in January 2006, I've had eight ring game sessions where I've lost $50 or more, and a grand total of one session where I've won more (+$120 at 4:30 a.m. in a short handed Renton Silver Dollar game).

The bright spot? In live tournament play, I'm up $216. And (not surprising) I won a lot more ($3K+) in my bonus hunting phase last summer.

The fact that I sucketh at live ring games shouldn't be a surprise to me. Last October, I wrote:

I'm trying to figure out why I do so badly at live tables with really bad players. ... When I have the best hand, I know I've got it, and I raise the pot. This generally has the intended effect -- scaring all but one or two other players out. With few exceptions, though, they limp along, and hit their winning card on the river.

I'd hate to play so tight that all I do is play sets, flush draws, and open ended straight draws after the flop. Folding TPTK makes no sense, but when six players see the flop with six really random hands, I think I might always be behind two pair every time.

But after reading a few articles (Google search: winning ring games against maniac), I'm more convinced that's exactly how I need to play. I may give it a try tonight.

(PS: Someone else thinks I'm a loser too. To quote them exactly, "fucktard ... know nothing, Dumb Ass... clueless". I haven't been flamed like that since college. Should I be proud to have been flamed on a WalMart discussion blog? Yeah, that's cool.)

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