Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bad play at live tables

I had a free hour tonight, so I set down at the $3/$6 table at Happy Days with $100. 90 minutes later, I go home with nothing.

I'm trying to figure out why I do so badly at live tables with really bad players. In my last three Happy Days ring games, I've ended -$100, +$26, and -$94. When I played the $1/$2 games in Los Angeles last winter, I had four losing sessions for a total loss of $150.

When I have the best hand, I know I've got it, and I raise the pot. This generally has the intended effect -- scaring all but one or two other players out. With few exceptions, though, they limp along, and hit their winning card on the river.

Case in point: two big hands tonight. I was fairly card dead, and only played past the flop on three hands all night. One hand, I had AT, and the flop came A74. Five players called $3 to me on the small blind, and I raised it to $6. They all called. The turn was another rag. I bet six. All but one guy -- who seemed like he was on crack -- folded. He called.

The river's a Q. I bet 6. He called. He turns over pocket queens.

Did I make the pot too big? I don't think so, since he only had two outs. But this is how it frequently goes when I finally get into a hand.

Similarly, I have K♥Q♦ in late position, and hit a Qxx flop with two diamonds. I raise, get a caller, and the turn is another diamond. I bet to see if I'm behind, and crack man just calls. I think I'm still good, and when the river's a fourth diamond, I push my last $4 all in. He calls, and shows A♦4♣. Bah.

I'd hate to play so tight that all I do is play sets, flush draws, and open ended straight draws after the flop. Folding TPTK makes no sense, but when six players see the flop with six really random hands, I think I might always be behind two pair every time.

Bah again.

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