Saturday, August 25, 2007

Final PAX posting

I'm back home, done with PAX for this year. It was a lot of fun, very high energy, with a lot of memorable moments. I got Wil Wheaton to autograph my copies of his three books, I'm still raving about his keynote (MP3 here), I played Gauntlet Legends for way too long, I played Ticket to Ride the fastest I'd ever played it with some guy from San Francisco I'd just met (it reminded me of the Boston University Games Club), and I feel like I kind of caught up to all the happenings in the world of video games, a world that I don't know nearly as much about as when I was younger, was the target of their marketing, and talked video games with my friends on a much more frequent basis.

I'll be back next year, definitely. Maybe only for one day, though, depending on the schedule. Good times.

To wrap up, I compiled a list of the best t-shirt sayings of the weekend:

  • Girls Gone WoW
  • Live in your world, get pwned in mine
  • It's not you, I needed gold pieces
  • I'm in ur [blank], [blank]ing ur [blank]
  • Sex, drugs, and D&D
  • I digg your mom
  • Real gamers shower
  • You had me at Halo
  • Will play for mushrooms
  • We prefer to be called buccaneer-americans

But my favorite: Mal Shot First

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