Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Log by travisl for Born on the 4th... (Traditional Cache)

Log by travisl for Born on the 4th... (Traditional Cache):

travisl found Born on the 4th... (Traditional Cache)

Daughter: ''Mom, when do we eat?''

Mom: ''Soon, dear. We just need to wait for the food to arrive.''

D: ''But we haven't eaten since yesterday. And it tasted like GORP.''

M: ''I know, dear, but we're mosquitos, and we can't be picky about what we eat. We take what we're given.''

D: ''I wish I was a fly. They can eat whatver they want.''

M: ''Hush your mouth. Filthy creatures, flies.''

D: ''But Julie says she talked to a fly who said he carried a whole baked bean from a picnic a few weeks ago.''

M: ''And does Julie believe everything a fly says?''

D: ''No, mom, I guess not.''

(Rustling noises are heard in the bushes.)

M: ''Stay close, dear. We might have ourselves some squirrel today.''

(The daughter makes an icky face. Then she sees it. A geocacher.)

D: ''Mom! Another one! Hopefully he'll taste better.''

M: ''Wait here. I'll try it first.''

D: ''No mom! I wanna try! I wanna I wanna I wanna!''

M: ''No. Wait here and ...''

(The daughter lands on the geocacher's hand and begins to eat. Her mother flies nearby, very worried. Other family members gather around.)

D: ''Mmm... tastes like salt and vinegar potato chips...''

(Suddenly, the daughter is attacked by something white with blue stripes.)

D: ''Ow.''

It took me six times looking at the same spot before I saw the cache. The hint, coordinates, and description are fine; it's just well hidden. Took nothing, but left a marble puzzle. There wasn't a pencil in the cache, so I left a squished mosquito in the logbook and took a photo (attached). As I gathered up my pack, I found a black sharpie, so used it to sign the logbook.

As busy as things have been at work, and with recent business trips and vacations and all, this is my first Federal Way lunchtime hunt in more than a month. Wow.

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