Wednesday, June 09, 2004

My Reno Trip

The drive down was spectacularly gorgeous. Mt. Shasta looks like Mt. Rainier, if it didn't have any visible rocks.

The drive back was quicker than I expected, even though I stopped at just about every "Historical Marker -->" or "<-- Geological Marker" sign on the way. Beautiful weather until I crossed the Columbia River -- then it drizzled the rest of the way into Hoodsport.

I hit 20 geocaches, finding 17, not finding 2, and not realizing I'd passed one until 6½ miles later.
I drove about 1625 miles total.
The Saturn Ion averaged about 35 mpg.
Cheapest gas was in Biggs Junction, Oregon, at $2.199. And they pumped it for me :-)
Best tank was exactly 400.0 miles, roughly 11.5 gallons, Biggs Junction to Hoodsport to Shelton to Hoodsport to home to work.
HarryPotterAndTheGobletOfFire.mp3 is 20 hours 43 minutes long, which is exactly as long as it took me to drive from home to Reno and up to Shaniko, Oregon. It took an additional 73 "short" mp3s to get to Hoodsport.
During the drive, I consumed 3 bottles of water, 36 oz. of Diet Coke, 2 Snapple lemonades, and 12 oz. of Tim's Cascade Nasty Vinegar chips.
Additional food was consumed at a McDonalds in Grants Pass (on the way down), and Fossil (on the way back), both in Oregon.
I didn't meet any other cachers on the way. I did, however, get an e-mail from another cacher from Tacoma who, without knowing it, visited a cache in Reno one day after I was there, and picked up the item I'd left.
Percentage-wise, my biggest casino payback was $10.00 on a 5¢ slot machine pull. The best moment was when, on a whim, I tossed $20 into a $1 machine and got a $50 payoff. Also great was when I got four 35:1 payoffs in roulette over the course of about 20 spins.
A cool point was where I got $25 off a $5 slot machine pull (I only put in $20, so I was up $5). The worst part of this was five minutes later, when I laid 5 consecutive $5 roulette bets on black, and it came up red all five times. Good time to walk away.

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