Sunday, May 21, 2006

All-in Arizona bonus clustahs

It's been several days since my last blog entry. Here's what you've missed.

Good hands live in clustahs: Last Monday, at the 50¢/$1 table, I got quite a run of hands, five almost-in-a-row:
QQ - lost to AT offsuit when an A hit the board.
AA - lost to K7 suited when two sevens hit the board
AKs - lost to J4s and to J8o, who both made a straight.
T3 - folded
ATs - won $1.70 on a T95 flop
AA - won $4.40

All all in: At a $3+30¢ tournament, 160 players, the first hand of the tourney, I've got next to nothing at UTG+1, and I'm preparing to fold. The guy to my right goes all in, which makes my decision easy. I fold. UTG+3 folds, then the next player calls the all-in, as does the cutoff position and the small blind. Four players all-in preflop in the first hand of the tourney. They turn up their cards and show four pairs: deuces, sevens, tens, and aces. The board ends up JT5/4/J, so the pair of tens takes down the 4010 pot. Wacky.

Arizona plans: I still don't know which option I'm going to take on Wednesday in Phoenix. I'm leaning towards just playing blackjack for a while, but I should really just give the casino a call and find out about the poker room (and, while I'm at it, the blackjack rules, so I know what strategy chart to print out).

Bonus hunting: I stumbled across ttanaka's article on bonus hunting at on Monday night, and figured I'd give it a try. It's not as easy as he makes it out to be, mainly because I want to start with nothing and build a bankroll risk-free. But I've spent a few nights trying it out, and in the 12 casinos I've tried it at, I've ended up actually receiving $26 (from Breakaway Casino), and have $74 pending (from 7 Sultans). That coincidentally totals $100, which is usually the amount that you can buy-in for to get a 100% bonus. That's for next week.

Practice reading terms and conditions has helped a lot. There's a lot of fine print. It also helps to not be afraid to pick up the phone and call the casino if you have questions. And thirdly, the fact that I've got a domainload of free e-mail addresses is nice, because I'll be able to auto-kill any of the addresses that the sites end up spamming me on.

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