Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lose a hand, but knock out another player

Another less painful hand from the $4+$0.40 NLHE tournament last night...

The tournament is at the 75/150 level. I'm UTG+1 at the 8-person table, with 3,123 in chips, and get dealt KK.

UTG folds, and I raise to 500. I want one, maybe two callers max, and don't want to put so much in that I can't fold if an ace hits the flop. "PiratesDen" calls, and "DogPn3" raises to 850. The button and blinds fold.

I push in 1710 more, raising it to 2,210, mistakenly thinking it'll put DogPn3 all in. (No, he had 2,210 left after his 850 bet.) PiratesDen pushes his last 430 in, and DogPn3 pushes the rest of his stack all in. I call, with 63 left in my stack.

My KK is facing the PiratesDen's QQ and the DogPn3's Hellmuthian 77. The flop is 4QT. Crap. I'm losing to a set of queens. The turn and river come 8/J. I've lost, and my 63 in chips is barely going to keep me on life support. I got in with the best hand, though, so what are ya gonna do?

Except I forgot that the QQ was the small stack. I beat the 77, knocking DogPn3 out, and collecting the side pot of 4,260. PiratesDen takes the 3,015 from the main pot.

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