Thursday, September 14, 2006

Paid to play

It's been a slow week at the PokerStars tables. I've been playing 50¢/$1 limit and horse tournaments exclusively, and have been losing every horse tourney, although last night I finished on the bubble, with my preflop all-in KK losing to the big stack's call with 55. In the limit games, I've been ending +/- a couple of bucks a night, although last weekend I lost $20 when I was in an agressive tilty mood after losing $30 in the home game, and last night I eneded up about $16, when I agressively bet and capped my wired set of sixes all the way to the river, and inexplicably, on the final bet (I bet $2, he raises to $4, I raise to $6), he folds. I suspect he was on a failed flush draw, then tried to bluff me on the river. To fold for $2 into a $30 pot, though, you've got to figure there's less than a 6% chance that I'm bluffing, unless he had absolutely nothing.

Also, late last week I got an e-mail from offering me a $50 sponsorship to play at PartyPoker. (full disclosure: link pays bonus to me) I'd previously received and utilized a sponsorship to CDPoker, and feel good about this one, too. Party gave me some sign-up hassles, as I'd recently closed an account at Empire, which uses the same pool of players. However, I finally got in last night, and am awaiting the deposit from PokerInside. Looks like I'll soon be playing at the gorilla of online poker sites.

If I'd have been thinking, I'd have tracked down a bonus code to use when I signed up, too, but I didn't. Doh!

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