Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Taunt the rich: canoe Gravelly Lake

Lakewood City Councilman Walter Neary blogs this morning about hidden public access points into Gravelly Lake, Lake Steilacoom, American Lake, and Lake Louise.

For years, the city's official documents have said that someday the city might develop mini-parks at several places where streets dead-end into lakes.

To me, this is like a sword hanging over the head of the people who live at these street ends. Those folks are understandably worried who may gather at those street ends.

But at the same time, you and I own the streets that dead-end into the lakes. Legally, we should have access to the lakes there. But are we interested enough to want to infringe on the tranquility of our neighbors?

I've taken the liberty to map out the access points. Growing up, I'd heard rumors about access points into Gravelly Lake, but never went to check them out. It seems to me that some of them would make good geocache locations.

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