Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Crappy hands or crappy play?

My stats from Sunday and Monday night's online play:

Hands played: 68
Hands won: 0%
Showdowns won: 0%
Flop percentage seen: 18%

Hands played: 74
Hands won: 7%
Showdowns won: 0%
Flop percentage seen: 31%

My flop percentage on Sunday was pretty much where I like to see it, but I couldn't get a flop to save my life. Monday I played a little looser, and every hand I won I got because I scared out the other players. Counting the insane $0.10/$0.25 no-limit live game on Saturday where one pot topped $80, I've lost with big slick the last five times I've had it (including two suited).

Down $62.50 for the weekend. Ick. I was down further, but had a good bump at the end of last night's game (four of the five hands I won came in the last 20 hands).

After talking to Tres, I think I need to raise pre-flop a bit more, but more importantly I need to get out before the turn if the flop hasn't helped my hand, even if I'm holding two overcards.

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