Saturday, January 22, 2005

A nice win

Last night in a $3/$6 Hold'em game, I was on the button, and was dealt 9s As. After PCWoo's raise in middle position, there's $27 in the pot with four of us playing.

The flop comes 4s 5h 7s. One person drops out after another PCWoo raise, and the small blind re-raises, we call so there's now the three of us in with a $54 pot; I'm on the nut flush draw.

The turn is 5s. I've hit the ace-high flush, but the nuts are 6s 8s for a straight flush. Odds of that are slim, though. Small blind bets, PCWoo calls, and I raise. Small blind re-raises, PCWoo is scared out. I come over the top with a re-re-raise. Small blind can't raise any more, so he calls.

The river is 3s. If small blind has a 6s here, I'm dead. He could also be playing a full house, but for some reason, I'm so focused on the straight flush possibility, I didn't realize this until later. He bets, and I, super nervous with my heart racing, take almost my full 20 seconds to decide to call instead of raise.

Small blind shows 6h 9h, for a 7-high straight. I win a $117 pot, a $72 net gain. After my bad beats earlier this week, this puts me back above my buy-in.

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