Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A table for 78, please

The Gig Harbor Cache Machine far exceeded my expectations this last Saturday.

I'd made reservations for 24 people at the Puerto Villarta mexican restaurant, but after Friday night's pre-gathering potluck, after a rough head count that showed me that that 45 of the 70 people would be at dinner on Saturday, I increased my reservations to 48 people.

When I arrived just after 5:30, all 48 chairs were taken, and another 20 of us were waiting in the lobby. Wow. This is the highest attended cache machine event yet. One person said he counted 78 people over the course of dinner, with people arriving and departing during the meal. I know of at least 15 more who participated in the event in some way but didn't make it to dinner.

I haven't logged any of my finds yet, but I think I got about 58, which puts me over the 900 mark. Almost without exception, all of the day's finds were creatively hidden, in great spots, were humorous, were in unique containers, or were some combination of the above.

And it didn't snow on us.

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