Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Barn building, or rounding up migrant workers?

Turk Lurker has a blog post today about the Mechanical Turk and the beauty of distributed work.

[C]ompare it to the street corners in almost every US city where immigrants congregrate to wait for someone to stop by with a truck and hire them for the day or a few hours.

There's nothing ominous in that. It's just that you need some work done and you don't necessarily need a full time employee to do it. Now I'm not advocating paying illegal immigrants like I'm sure someone will point out, but if you need a basement cleaned out quickly you hire 5 guys for a few hours and get it done.
Dividing up work and managing it wisely to get it done is when humanity really shines. You can build a barn by yourself, but it's much easier when a community comes together and gets it done quickly and efficiently.

As of last night, I'm up to $7.56. The kid started last night, too, and she's made 39¢. Getting paid to waste time ain't bad work, if you can get it.

Dense cities, like NYC, seem to work best, because almost every building is labeled, and the photos are pretty much on the right block.


Alan said...

So do you agree with what I said or not?

travisl said...

Oh, I absolutely agree. It's the free market working exactly like it should. There's work to be done, and if someone's willing to accept 3¢ for it (like me!), that's great.