Friday, November 18, 2005

Goblet of Fire: It's OK

I posted this to ericakeithley's LJ, but there's no harm in posting it here, too. We caught the midnight showing of Goblet last night, and maybe I was just tired, but this wasn't nearly as good as PofA and Stone.

The director made Dumbledore into a sniveling girly man in this one. That's not the way I remember him from the book, and was my biggest disappointment. Dumbledore, as Rowling wrote him, is an unwavering rock, like Gandalf and Yoda. In this film, he's more like Piglet. Oh me! oh my! It's quite troublesome being a small weak headmaster with all the evil in the world! What are we to do, Harry Poohter?

There's no house elves at all, either, which means that Dobby, Winky, and S.P.E.W. don't appear in Goblet. Dobby's primary task has been given to another character, which is actually more appropriate than what Rowling wrote, but cutting out Winky made the mystery of the dark mark less mysterious.

Hermione is looking good at the Yule Ball. Tres would hit it. ;-)

On the plus side, the director did a very, very good job at dropping hints as to the biggest whodunit in the story. The book made this more of a deux est machina (I'm sure this is the wrong term, misspelled, but hopefully you know what I mean).

And it's scarier, which was to be expected. Krys had a few eye-covering moments.

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