Friday, November 11, 2005

Unfrozen robot lawyers taking our jobs

"These books and ancient journals, they frighten and confuse me. When I see a lawyer fighting to format his briefs properly, I think 'Oh no! Is the software defective?' I don't know, I'm a robot - that's the way I think.

"When I talk to a lawyer in the courthouse, and they tell me how they Sheperdized a case using the folios in the law library instead of Westlaw, I think, 'Tragedy! The network must be down!', but I don't know, I'm just a robot.

"But I do understand that we robots can win the cases and make the deals for less money than the legacy human lawyers. I never sleep, I have virtually limitless memory, and I get smarter every day. Ladies and gentleman, I'm just a robot, but I do know that Shakespeare was right."

(See also, wikipedia)

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