Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cold turkey poker? Bingo.

So my recent run of poker playing has worried Kim a bit. I'm glad she's there to keep me in check, because my recent ancestors have had trouble with addictive behavior. I think I'm fine (and I'm up to $11.20 out of thin air), but we all know that when you're suffering an addiction, you're not the best judge of your own behavior.

Kim's concern rubbed off on Krys, who on Saturday morning asked me to promise not to play poker for a week, live or online. No problem.

So Saturday night, we're out at the canal, and I'm bored out of my mind. Boredom is kind of the point of going out there, but Wimbledon is running on the DVD player, and I'm scrounging my laptop drive for something to play. The dialup connection is mediocre, and I don't feel like waiting for every Flash game that I might want to try out on AddictingGames.com. I've got Madden 2003 (maybe), I've already played Flight Simulator 2004 (herky-jerky on my laptop), Neverwinter Nights (someday I'll get around to finishing it), and Masque WSOP Casino Game Pak (which Jim McManus says was a decent preparation for the real WSOP). Poker's out, though, so I dig through the disk and find... six-card bingo? What the heck, I'll try it out.

What a pointless, mindless game. How can the old folks find this mentally stimulating?

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