Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The adrenaline of heads up

At a $2+$0.20 SNG, I'm in the money (either $3.60 or $8.40), heads up against SID4515, who has a much larger stack than me (about 5000 to my 1000). After several, several plays, and a few lucky all-in's, the blinds are at 150/300, and I've gotten up to 2,420. I've been using my heads-up strategy of tossing or calling the weak hands, and raising with Kx, Ax, or two paint cards, and bluffing when I get two black cards. It's worked well.

But now, first to act pre-flop, I've got a beauty -- pair of nines (black, so there's no way I'm holding back here). I go all in. SID4515 calls - and shows his pair of threes (club and heart). I can taste the money now. Kim's in the room, and I'm hooting -- "pair of nines" -- here's the flop -- "and a nine on the board". It's 4d9d2h.

Even a three can't save him now. My first $2.20 first place seat is mine. The turn's As. "Whoo hoo!" I yell to Kim. "You're playing for real money right now?" she asks. "Yup." I answer smugly.

The river's a 5c.

Dealer: LauricT shows three of a kind
Dealer: SID4515 shows straight
Dealer: Winner is SID4515 with straight
Dealer: LauricT has finished tournament in 2 place.
Dealer: Sid4515 has finished tournament in 1 place.

I congratulate him on a well played game, and sulk.

I enjoy the rush of these heads-up tournament showdowns, but perhaps it's telling that at the $2+$0.20 level, I'm 0-for-4 in them.

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