Friday, January 13, 2006

Wal-Mart bingo

I've not built my own bingo cards yet, but makes a brief mention of them in his December 2002 post about his adventures in the Nashville Wal-Mart. I need to get that done before OS F.

What brings this up is that I was in for a little bit of culture shock when I stopped at the Huntington Beach Wal-Mart at lunch today. Old guy greeter. Morbidly obese woman on a scooter. That's it. Two points. No screaming kids getting beat. No visible tattoos on the cashier. No Nascar jackets.

From this anecdotal observation, I'm guessing the cost of living in Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA is significantly higher than in Aberdeen and Auburn (making the politically incorrect assumption that a higher cost of living cuts down on the number of trailer parks in a given geographic area).

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