Monday, January 30, 2006

Thou Shalt Play Texas Hold 'Em

The Calgary Sun - Poker has holy spirit:
Pastor John Van Sloten intends to preach to his congregation about the positives of poker during his sermon tomorrow [Jan 30] at the New Hope Christian Reformed Church.

"Right now, everybody's interested in poker -- in Texas Hold 'Em, in particular," Van Sloten said yesterday.
So, said Van Sloten, officials of the church that meets Sundays at the West Hillhurst Community Centre on 19 St. and 6 Ave. N.W., believe there is good in the card game for God's faithful.

And he'll make that the theme of his sermon for 300-some gatherers -- plus hundreds more via its Internet feed -- during tomorrow's service beginning at 10:10 a.m.

"In my view, poker has a lot to teach us about ourselves and even about God," said Van Sloten, who has, in the past, preached the positives about the TV program The Simpsons and the heavy metal band Metallica.

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