Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tourney loss, loss, win, win

I played the $1 + .10, six player sit-n-go tourneys at Noble for the first time, starting yesterday. First place gets $4.20, second gets $1.80.

My first tourney, I placed third, going in with the small stack with K9o. Down $1.10.

My second tourney, I placed third, getting drawn out by an inside straight. Down $2.20 total.

My third tourney, I placed second, surviving with a small stack, 900 to 5100, for quite a while, before losing to a pair of 8's with my AJo. Down $1.50 total.

My fourth tourney, I placed first. My win on the first hand with AKo, knocking out two others and giving me 3000 in chips helped a lot; winning a race with my AKo against pocket queens locked it up. A monster bluff with a board of J-5-3-5-5 helped a lot, too (he folded, I showed, he was demoralized). Up $1.60 total.

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