Monday, January 09, 2006

Down $15 at Commerce Casino


I played the $1/$2 tables at the Commerce Casino tonight. The Commerce Casino sells itself as the world's biggest poker room, and has been the site of multiple WPT episodes.

Yeah, it's big, but it's not cavernous big, like day 1 of the WSOP looks on TV. I didn't see anyone famous, either.

I did, however, survive for three hours, only dropping $14.50 for the night. My big hands were few and far between, and the Commerce has an insanely huge rake at the lower limits ($3 for any pot above $5). Second to the casino itself, I'd like to think I was the big winner at the table. Very few people left the table with any chips; those who did played less than 10 hands, and left with less than they started.

No big hands to report; no bad beats. On the big blind, I played KK to the end on one hand, bringing three calling stations along for the ride, no raises. And my best hand of the night, I was one-on-one, out of position with 99, facing a board of 9-Q-3 3 7 rainbow. The guy to my left raised once, after the river, and called my re-raise. He showed Q3, giving him a 3-over-Q boat, losing to my 9-over-3 boat.

My online play at the 2 cent/4 cent tables has helped a lot -- I played OK against people who see the flop under the gun with 57o, expecting (correctly) that someone would have a 7 when the board showed 4589A.

Good times.

(Edit: Oh, by the way, I'm in O.C. for FileNet training. I think I finally understand the concept of a "record class" now.)

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