Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Paying $60 a cache

Thanks to DarthSlumlord for pointing me to Skysite.com. From their FAQ:
Space Data launches SkySite's(a communication relay device) via helium balloons. They fly up to 100,000 feet and "loiter" for 12 to 24 hours, providing a coverage area of about 400 mile in diameter. Their system cam be used for tracking vehicles, relaying data from remote oil or gas wells, provide text messaging or business communications in remote areas where no "land line" or cell phone service exists.
Because of the wide ranging areas where the SkySites can land, its impractical for Space Data to recruit and hire employees all around the United States to recover SkySites. That's where SSRS(www.skysite.com) comes in. SSRS was convinced that geocachers would be the perfect group to take on the challenge of finding and recovering SkySites. After all, they have the required equipment, they have honed the necessary skills required to search better than bloodhounds for caches that are hidden on purpose.
All SOGS [SkySites on Ground] pay $60, unless other wise noted, for Recovery and Return to a SDC launch site.

When a SOG is found by a "Third Party" (someone not connect with the program) find a SOG, they call into the 800 number on the SOG to Space Data. Space Data then sends me that TP contact info and I post that info on the website on the Third Party page. All TP SOGS pay $60 unless otherwise noted.

According to the map, they're mostly in the San Antonio area, but some are located as far north at the north Texas border. Not much use for us here in the great North-wet, but next time I'm down that way, I might give it a try.

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