Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Three losing sessions

It's been a lousy few days. Five tournaments, five losses, and down another $20 at a Razz ring game. The only bright spot was $12 I walked away from a $0.50/$1 limit hold em game.

No real bad beats, either -- just me being too aggressive and getting caught in a race.

Even this one (see the screen shot), I should have won, but I really had no business calling an all in preflop -- even from a maniac like this guy was, and even though I got a good read on him -- just a few hands into the tournament when holding The Hellmuth.

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Trestin said...

I won a tournament on Saturday night at FullTilt where I played the Hellmuth from the short stack with two other players left. Was up against AQo, caught myself two more sevens on the flop and doubled up.