Wednesday, October 25, 2006

King of the donkeys

Over the last two nights, I've been playing at the $1.50 + $0.25 sit-n-go tournaments, NLHE and HORSE. Five tournaments, two wins and an in-the-money:

  • Last night, NLHE, I get knocked out in 12th place out of 18, after losing a third of my stack after flopping two pair, then losing a race to a small all-in stack, then losing the rest of my stack with bottom pair.
  • Simultaneously, I win a HORSE tournament, 1st out of 18 (+$9.60), winning with a better two pair than my opponent in seven stud (my worst of the five HORSE games)
  • Then, I place 4th out of 18 in another NLHE (+$2.70, net +$0.95), taking down some big pots along the way with:
    • AQo (two pair, QQ22A);
    • AJo (scaring out my solo opponent with an aggressive post-flop bluff bet, when the board was three clubs);
    • AQo again (buying the blinds); and
    • ATo (buying the blinds)

    But then I went too aggressive in the big blind with K4o, when the board came 999/J/4, then lost the rest of my stack with pocket deuces (never leuces!) against pocket kings on a paired flop (344).
  • Tonight, I placed 6th out of 18 in HORSE, overvaluing my pair of kings in a four handed seven stud check-o-rama.
  • Then I won a NLHE tourney, 1st out of 18 (+$10.80), in a long 58 minute marathon (yeah, turbo SNGs seem really long after 45 minutes), scoring a huge heads-up pot near the end with 87o and a board of J8K/7/A, then finishing it off with pocket aces against A9, and a board of 7JJ/4/J.

Chock full of fun-ness.

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