Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekend of tournaments, Event 2: Happy Days 2 AM

I returned to Happy Days for the 2 AM tournament, and was essentially knocked out after the first orbit. On the button, I was dealt KK, with blinds at 100/200. Several players called, and I raised to 600. Big blind raised to 1200, everyone else folded, and I pushed all in, hoping to scare him off. He thought for quite a while, then called, turning over AQ. He hit his ace on the flop, leaving me with 200 in chips. I waited until I was UTG, put my 200 in, tripled up to 600, and then got stuck on the big blind when the blinds went up to 200/400. My all-in in the dark didn't turn out so well, when I ended up with 63o and not pairing. IGHN.

(Edit: Net: -$15)

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