Saturday, April 08, 2006

007 can't play poker

Expert Imported to Teach Bond How to Play Poker:

Daniel Craig, the British actor who will play 007 in the upcoming James Bond title "Casino Royale", was reportely so bad at poker that film exec's had to fly in an expert to teach him.

John Duthie, U.K. poker player and commentator, was brought to a hotel in Berlin to coach Craig (right) before filming of several crucial scenes revolving around poker.

One insider told England's The Sun newspaper, "Daniel could not play cards. It was so funny. It is a critical part of the film, where Bond shows how cool a customer he is, but it was frustratingly ridiculous how long it took to teach the cast how to play or behave at a poker table."

This comes as the latest contrast between the 007 character and Craig, who reportedly admitted that he hates guns and can't operate the Astin Martin DB5's manual transmission.

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