Monday, April 24, 2006

Critique my mistakes, s'il vous plait

This post will be a bit long, but I'd appreciate your take on one or more of the following hands. My specific questions are in blue. I've looked at the hand history from last night, and see about $22 worth of mistakes I made in six hands of the 74 I played. The other -$36 was just bad luck, like holding AQo when four-to-a-flush come on the turn, never pairing an ace, and missing my open ended straight draws. These tables are full or nearly full; I'm omitting pre-flop folders for clarity:

Hand 4: Calling a bet with two overcards to the raggy flop: -$1
I don't know if this was such a bad bet. I've got A♠9♠ in the cutoff position, and I call a single raise preflop. I'm last to act of the three players who see the flop: 425♠. Brandywine checks, CSparrow bets $1, I call, and Brandywine calls. My question to you: did I play this one right? Should I have folded these two overcards here?

Ending: The turn is 9, CSparrow bets $2, and I fold top pair top kicker. Brandywine calls, the river's J, and wins with a Q5 flush, over CSparrow's KK♠. I'd have had the worst hand.

Hand 19: Calling on the turn facing two bad possibilities: -$4
On the button, I'm dealt T♠T. Brandywine and CSparrow call $1 each, and I raise to $2. They call. With $8.50 in the pot, the flop is 9♠7♠K; an overcard, and a possible flush draw. Brandywine checks, CSparrow bets $1, and I conclude there's only one way to know if I'm facing a higher pair or a flush draw: I raise to $2. Both players call. (With a 35% chance of hitting the flush by the river, it's correct for someone to call on a flush draw with a pot this size.) I've got my info: I'm probably beat.

The turn is 3♠. Brandywine checks, CSparrow bets $2, and I... call (?!). This was a clear mistake, even with $16.50 in the pot. I generally figure there's a 10% chance that another player is bluffing, so the pot odds weren't right for this call.

Ending: Brandywine also calls, and the river's 5. The other two players check, I bet $2, Brandywine calls, and CSparrow folds. Brandywine's wins, beating my tens by pairing the king with her TK♠.

Hand 24: Trying to buy a small pot on the river with ace-high: -$2
Nothing much to this one. The flop checks around, one player calls my $2 attempt to buy the pot on the turn, and at the river, the pot's $7.25, with a board of 4♠34♣/4/7♠. I've got A6 and am first to act. I try to buy it for $2, get called by raygo24, and lose to his 22♠.

Hand 73: Not letting go of AKs when I know I'm beat: -$4
I'm in the big blind, and get AK. Four callers, and I raise to $2. The four callers re-call, and the flop comes A♣9♣8♣. I've got to scare the players out who are drawing to a flush, or find out if someone's already made it. The small blind checks, I bet, get two callers, and CSparrow raises on the button. The small blind folds, I re-raise, two folders, and CSparrow calls.

The turn is Q♣, the pot is $18. Crap. My only chance of winning this one is by representing a high club, so I come out betting $2. CSparrow raises me back. The pot is $24. It's worth $2 if there's a 10% chance that he's bluffing. Would you call, fold, or re-raise here? Bluffers don't tend to do so by raising on the turn, right? I called, and think I made a mistake doing so. I'd bet to get information, I'd bet to represent, and I'd learned from both bets that I was beat. I should have folded.

Ending: the river's Q, I bet, CSparrow calls, and he wins with his K♣T♠.

Hand 74: Betting with insufficient pot odds: -$6
The very next hand, in the small blind, I get low end suited connectors: 5♣4♣. Brandywine and Done4 call, I call, and the big blind checks. The flop is 3♠K♠2♣. I've got an open end straight draw, and if an ace hits, there's a good chance I'll have someone on the hook for a juicy pot. I bet $1 into the $4 pot (side question: should I have folded here?), the big blind folds, Brandywine calls, and Done4 folds. The turn is 7♠. I'm facing a possible flush, which will beat any of my eight outs. Assuming I'm not facing a flush draw, there's a 17% chance that I'll get a card I need on the river. I bet $2 into the $6 pot (my mistake), and Brandywine calls.

The river pairs me, with a 5. I compound my mistake by betting $2; Brandywine capitalizes on it by raising to $4, and I inexplicably call. Brandywine shows her A4♠ for a straight. I never would have put her on that hand (playing that in middle position?), but I shouldn't have been at the river anyway.

Hand 75: Tossing away the rest of my chips: -$4
I'm then dealt AQ♠ on the button. Done4 calls, Lucky555 calls, BabblingFool checks (he posted BB in the cutoff), and I raise. All three call, and with $9.50 in the pot, we see a flop of 4♣K♣7. The three players check to me, I bet $1 to buy the pot, and only Lucky555 calls me. 9♠ comes on the turn, which shouldn't help him, so I bet $2 to try and buy it again. My chip stack is down to $4, and Lucky555 sees it, because he raises. I'm pretty sure at this point that he's got a king, and the $17.50 pot should be below my 10% bluff estimate, so I should fold. I've lost two good hands in a row, though, and I don't plan on rebuying, so on a bit of tilt, I re-raise all-in. He calls, and wins the pot with AK♠.

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