Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wal-Mart Bingo cards

It's been more than a year since I first came up with the idea, but I've finally come up with my Wal-Mart Bingo cards (Word .doc).

I'm not a programmer in a real programming language, but I've used Word VBA enough to come up with this working Word document. You'll need to have macro security set to medium and macros enabled for it to work. If you want to build this in a real program, my code follows.

Rules: print out as many cards as you want, then go to Wal Mart. The game starts when you lock your car. The first player with five in a row and back to the car wins. You can't use the same person for more than one box.

Private Sub cmdGenerateCard_Click()

Dim collSquares As New Collection
collSquares.Add "Screaming kid"
collSquares.Add "Screaming adult customer"
collSquares.Add "Screaming WalMart employee"
collSquares.Add "Customer with > 4 piercings"
collSquares.Add "Physical violence against an SO"
collSquares.Add "Physical violence against a child"
collSquares.Add "Physical violence against oneself"
collSquares.Add "Traffic accident"
collSquares.Add "Parking lot road rage"
collSquares.Add "Expired license tabs"
collSquares.Add "Customer wearing Nascar logo"
collSquares.Add "Customer wearing alcohol logo"
collSquares.Add "Customer with excessive bling"
collSquares.Add "Customer wearing pro wrestling logo"
collSquares.Add "Defective WalMart TV Network monitor"
collSquares.Add "Pregnant teenager"
collSquares.Add "Teenager supervising 2+ kids"
collSquares.Add "Broken car window"
collSquares.Add "Morbidly overweight customer with bare gut"
collSquares.Add "Plumber's crack"
collSquares.Add "Drunk"
collSquares.Add "Senior citizen trying to look rich"
collSquares.Add "Customer with a mullet"
collSquares.Add "Employee with a mullet"
collSquares.Add "Customer visibly missing multiple teeth"
collSquares.Add "Employee visibly missing multiple teeth"
collSquares.Add "A mohawk"
collSquares.Add "Unnaturally colored natural hair"
collSquares.Add "Customer with loud floral print shirt"
collSquares.Add "Liquid bodily fluids, outside the body"
collSquares.Add "An employee flailing like a panicked Sim"
collSquares.Add "A customer flailing like a panicked Sim"
collSquares.Add "Someone talking to themself (no cell phone)"
collSquares.Add "Someone with a missing limb"
collSquares.Add "Pants with crotch stain"
collSquares.Add "Inappropriate use of the store intercom"
collSquares.Add "Transvestite or cross-dresser"
collSquares.Add "Profanity"
collSquares.Add "Excessive body odor"
collSquares.Add "Assault with an electric cart"
collSquares.Add "A customer singing"
collSquares.Add "Verbal racism"
collSquares.Add "Someone injured in the store"
collSquares.Add "A cowboy hat (worn)"
collSquares.Add "A midget"
collSquares.Add "Excessive tattoos"
collSquares.Add "An employee with a lower back tattoo"
collSquares.Add "Hearing a foreign language"
collSquares.Add "A yelling customer"
collSquares.Add "A yelling employee"
collSquares.Add "The 'Ding! Fries are Done' guy"
collSquares.Add "Someone with Ozzy Ozborne's linguistics"
collSquares.Add "Five or more kids in one family"
collSquares.Add "Aggressive dog"
collSquares.Add "Someone wearing a wifebeater"
collSquares.Add "A customer with more makeup than Tammy Faye"
collSquares.Add "An employee with more makeup than Tammy Faye"
collSquares.Add "Misuse of grammar"
collSquares.Add "Misspelled handwritten sign"
collSquares.Add "A frighteningly large scar"
collSquares.Add "A Red Hat lady"
collSquares.Add "Cowboy boots(worn)"
collSquares.Add "Goth"
collSquares.Add "Woman with a mustache"
collSquares.Add "Blue bag tumbleweed (in parking lot)"
collSquares.Add "Car with duct tape repair"
collSquares.Add "Car with more than 5 bumper stickers"
collSquares.Add "Toddler alone"
collSquares.Add "Homeless advertising (e.g. 'will work for food')"
collSquares.Add "Someone buying chewing tobacco"
collSquares.Add "Someone religious (e.g., w/cross necklace), acting non-religiously"
collSquares.Add "Nose picking"

For x = 1 To 24
    RandomNumber = (CInt(Rnd() * collSquares.Count))
    RandomResult = collSquares(RandomNumber)
    ThisDocument.FormFields("Bingo" & x).Result = RandomResult
    collSquares.Remove (RandomNumber)
Next x

End Sub

Private Sub cmdClearCard_Click()
Dim ff As FormField
For Each ff In ThisDocument.FormFields
    ff.Result = ""
Next ff
End Sub

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