Saturday, April 29, 2006

$20 gone in 32 hands

$20 gone in 32 hands? That'll happen, when the hands include the following:

HandPosition$ to see flopResult
657th of 10$0.50 to make pot $2.25Missed flop in $3 pot, folded to bet
436th of 10$0.50 to make pot $2.25Hit middle pair 924, checked, called one $0.50 bet, folded to $1 bet when K came on turn
657th of 9$0.50 to make pot $2.25Hit middle pair 864, called $0.50 in $3.50 pot Hit open end straight draw on 3 turn, called BB’s $1, button raises $, BB folds, I call, pot is $11 Missed when 9 on river, checked, called $1 to try to win $11.
32SB$0.25 SB, plus $0.25 to make pot $2Missed flop, folded to 2 bets
225th of 8Call $0.50, all fold, except SB, who raises, I call, $2.50 potMissed flop (Q98), SB bets $0.50, I raise to represent strength, SB calls Turn is A, SB checks, I bet $1, SB checkraises to $2, I fold.
875th of 10Called $0.50, called $0.50 raise to make pot $4.75Missed flop, checked, folded to bet
A3BB$0.50 BB, plus called $0.50 raise to make pot $3.50Missed flop (KQ2), folded to $1 raise.
KK6th of 10Slowplay: called $0.50, called $0.50 raise to keep 2 players in.Scary flop of AJ4. SB best $0.50, I raise to get info, other two players call. Turn is A, SB checks, I bet, last player raises, I call. Pot is $10.50. Bet $1 on T river, player raises, I call my last $1 all-in. Lost to A9.

Edit: added a lot more detail


Bill said...

What'd it cost you to get to the flop with the lower suited connectors?

travisl said...

No more than one bet. I've added detail. Maybe I'm playing suited connectors too much?