Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Connectors suit me well

Two major barriers broken in one hand tonight.

I'm dealt 5d6d in middle position, call 50¢, then call a 50¢ raise, get a flop of 9d2sJd, and hit the Jd on the turn, winning an $11 pot against a guy who couldn't let go of his AhKc, even when a 9s hit the river.

This pushed me over the $100 mark in my online account, but more importantly (from a psychological standpoint) it put me back in the black for 2006. My 2006 online bankroll* plus my 2006 home game winnings have now surpassed the $150 I lost on my four trips to the Commerce and Bicycle Club casinos in LA.

I was thinking I was going to hit this mark yesterday, but I lost a few races in sit-n-go's, and made some bad plays at 50¢/$1, but did come back from a $17 deficit to only end up down $3.77 for the night.

So... In terms of payoff, my two biggest online hands of the year both came following questionable bad calls of pre-flop raises in middle position (today's 65s, and Sunday's QTs). That's kinda strange.

* My current bankroll, minus the $8.72 I started the year with.


Bill said...

I encourage you in the strongest terms to continue making plays like that. ;)

travisl said...

Fear The Hammer, man. Fear The Hammer.