Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Throwing money into the wind

Bah. Yesterday... not so good.

First, I went to to check my rakeback balance, and discovered that the bonuses are offset against the rakeback, so with my $10 bonus payment last weekend, my rakeback balance is below zero.

Then, I played two simultaneous 50¢/$1 tables last night, and at my worst point was down $36. Some bad cards, some bad beats, and some seriously bad play.

For example, I'm dealt pocket fives under the gun. Lots of limpers, a raise, I call, and the flop comes 4-6-7. I bet, a couple callers, a raiser, and I re-raise and get a couple callers.

The turn's a K. I'm distracted at the other table now, so I bet, get raised, re-raise, and get called. I've still got an open ended straight draw (8 outs) and two more fives in the deck (2 outs). Of course, if I hit another 5, then anyone with an 8 beats me, so those aren't really outs.

The river's a J. I bet, get raised, re-raise (with second lowest pair? WTF?), get capped, and call. I lose something like $7 to J6, which had me beat since the flop.

I did, however, end up "only" (sheesh) down $14 for the night, because I won $17 on one hand. I'm dealt AKs in the big blind, and after capping the betting pre-flop, have two opponents left.

The flop comes K8K. Nice. If I bet from the big blind, they'll have a good read on me. I check instead. The player to my left bets, the other player calls, and I smooth call, trying to set the hook.

The turn's an J. I check again. My opponent bets, and I check raise. He re-raises, and I cap.

The river's a beautiful A. I bet, we go back and forth, and it's capped. I show my KKKAA full boat. He shows his Q8 for two pair. Chomp.

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